released 04 September 2012
You Can’t Lose It All, All at Once was recorded by:
Brent Windler – Guitar, Vocals
EvanJohn Nash McIntosh – Guitar
Nolle Bond – Bass
Brendan Culp – Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound
Mastered by Mike Nolte at West End Studios
Album Artwork by Chance Bone

Sons of Great Dane would like to thank all of the musicians who have played with us over the years to make this work:
John Yeates, Nathan “Jr.” Richardson, Tim Braun, Darrin Matheson, Jason Trabue, Eric Murphy, Skylar, Corey,
As well as:
All of our families, Sarah, Sam, and Adeline Richardson, Dane Howard, Ryan Miller, Eric Murphy, Dutch Humphrey, Olivia Cross, Libby Henderson and Natalie Adams, Kari Bond, DJ Lee, Jason Hamlin, Ian Keeney, Ryan Bubalo, Whitney Allard, the entire Bruders clan, Chad Matheson, Dan Buffkin, Matt Cook, Jack Forck, Matt Kosinski, Blake Young, Tim Gutschenritter, Josh Allen, Sarah Gumpert, Heather Villines, Chris Hagarian, Todd Zimmermen, Philmo, Sondra, Rhonda, Chris and Abbey, Amy Farrand, Everybody at Sharp County Records, all the great bands who’ve supported us, Hot Dog Skeletons, Cherokee Rock Rifle, Cadillac Flambe, Radio City, Ha Ha Tonka, Maps for Travelers, Pet Comfort, Making Movies, Red Kate, Scratch Track, The Dead Girls, Howard Iceburg & The Titanics, The Sexy Accident, Loaded Goat, Various Blonde, Hidden Pictures, The Riot Room, The Record Bar, The Brick, Davey’s Uptown, MMF, Midwest Music, INK, Herb Naster and the Kansas City Drum Company and everybody else who has made the last 5 years amazing.